Lost keys


Lost a Key

Found a friend

Let me sleep in his head

Let me rest, be his cat


Laughs as loud as a chick

He said he felt as if he picked

Me up in a bar

Wouldn’t brush by the tar

My friend’s got a guitar

And one and one and one, it’s four




Hidden behind bed room doors

Guitars, I said, I adore

Four, he’s got even more and more

Spread all over the city

We met, it’s not a pity, no pity


Picked me up, with flowers and bees

Fed me honey

Got it from a flower

Gave me comfort, lend me power


Even got to take a shower

Drink and eat

No thanks, to meet


Lost a key, found a friend

What goes around comes back

In the end


Back around, upside down

Eyeliner and black, long crown

This friend could well wear a Loorbeer gown


Lost a key, met,

Met a friend

Let me rest

In his head

Let me sleep in his bed

Met a friend,

Lost my head

 Clueless Confusion

My Little London- An anglophile in times of Brexit, to London from Hamburg

Give me a piano, a glass of wine and a joke

I want to die and choke-

Green and Water with rust


London, little London in my home town Hamburg

Thank some angel you’ve been sent, cause you’re the missing part of my small puzzle

This small puzzle that’s my home

Hamburg’s so not- London, so much less colourful in so so many respects.


May I introduce myself to my little London: Hello.

You had me at hello-

Caught my attention, cause of attraction

Nothing much, not much reflection

First sight, first tried, to talk and walk at your side

I do need Hamburg in order to see and appreciate you. If you were home in London my little Hamburg-Londonese, you could as well turn around and talk Vietnamese

with me.


I need you to be here me, near me, the way you are at reach but far

Cause this is exactly the way I feel about the moon,

some suns, the stars.


I want to choke laughing, see lifes‘ bliss,

My little London, for you I devil kiss