Lost keys


Lost a Key

Found a friend

Let me sleep in his head

Let me rest, be his cat


Laughs as loud as a chick

He said he felt as if he picked

Me up in a bar

Wouldn’t brush by the tar

My friend’s got a guitar

And one and one and one, it’s four




Hidden behind bed room doors

Guitars, I said, I adore

Four, he’s got even more and more

Spread all over the city

We met, it’s not a pity, no pity


Picked me up, with flowers and bees

Fed me honey

Got it from a flower

Gave me comfort, lend me power


Even got to take a shower

Drink and eat

No thanks, to meet


Lost a key, found a friend

What goes around comes back

In the end


Back around, upside down

Eyeliner and black, long crown

This friend could well wear a Loorbeer gown


Lost a key, met,

Met a friend

Let me rest

In his head

Let me sleep in his bed

Met a friend,

Lost my head

 Clueless Confusion